Cruise Tourism

The Canadian Arctic has been experiencing growing levels of cruise tourism, primarily from small expedition cruises with vessels carrying up to several hundred passengers, and more recently also from larger cruise ships carrying up to 1400 passengers. While shipping in the Canadian Arctic is governed by a number of important rules and regulations, the Nunavut Marine Council recognizes cruise tourism carries particular risks and potential for adverse effects owing to the large number of passengers, and the tendency to target sensitive areas and wildlife habitat for visits.


Master Cruise Itineraries

As a marine issue ofimportance to Nunavut, the NMC intends to closely follow the development of the cruise tourism industry in the Arctic generally, and in Canada specifically. In 2019, 14 vessels have planned cruise itineraries which include waters of the Nunavut Settlement Area. The Government of Nunavut – Department of Economic Development and Transportation has released the 2019 forecasted itineraries for Arctic cruise ships, available in the ‘Resources’ tab.  Additional information can be accessed at:


Guidelines for Passenger Vessels Operating in the Canadian Arctic

Transport Canada led a working group of northern organizations and industry stakeholders in developing “Guidelines for Passenger Vessels Operating in the Canadian Arctic”. These guidelines are intended to assist vessel operators and designated vessel representatives in achieving successful voyages and promoting good relations with all residents in the Canadian Arctic. Additional Nunavut marine resources are included at the end of the document.