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At present, the Nunavut Marine Council (NMC) operates utilizing the existing infrastructure and staff of the Nunavut Institutions of Public Government (NWMB, NPC, NIRB & NWB). You can send your correspondence via regular mail or fax to any one or more of the NMC members and it will be shared with the full NMC, or email all NMC members directly at


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Organization ADDRESS FAX @
Nunavut Wildlife Management Board

P.O. Box 1379, Iqaluit, NU  X0A 0H0

867-975-7300 1-888-421-9832
Nunavut Planning Commission P.O. Box 1797, Iqaluit, NU  X0H 0H0  867-979-3444  867-979-3443  
Nunavut Impact Review Board P.O. Box 1360, Cambridge Bay, NU  X0B 0C0 867-983-4600 867-983-2594
Nunavut Water Board P.O. Box 119, Gjoa Haven, NU  X0B 1J0 867-360-6338 867-360-6369